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We invest our money, making the best decisions we can, and hope that our funds continue to grow over time. What we don’t anticipate is losing it all and becoming the victim of a fraudster running a scam or a full scale Ponzi scheme.

While there are plenty of articles and books out there telling us “If it is too good to be true, don’t invest,” none of these delve deeply into: (1) the reasons why we are continually drawn into these schemes; (2) the psychology and methodology of the Ponzi scheme perpetrator in stealing money from family and friends; and (3) what specifically we can do to avoid getting involved in a fraudulent scam.

Ponzi-Proof Your Investments can help you avoid becoming a victim of a fraudulent scheme. The tips and suggestions in this book apply to any type of investment and can help protect you from any type of fraudulent scheme, not just a Ponzi scheme. A little knowledge and education on the nature of the schemes, the repeating fact patterns, and the warning signs can go a long way to assist you in avoiding a financial fraudulent scheme.

When you see warning signs of a problem, this is your invitation to ask hard questions. At best, you’ll learn useful information. At worst, you’ll uncover a fraud before you invest – which, of course, is really the best case scenario.

The chapters of this book discuss:

  • How to distinguish between a good investment and a fraudulent scheme.
  • The promises that the Ponzi Perp will make to you.
  • The key due diligence questions that you need to ask about the paperwork, the business model, the backgrounds of key players, and the management of your cash, among other things.
  • The key due diligence questions that you need to ask of and about the sales person who is bringing you into the investment program.The marketing, sales, and closing tactics used by the Ponzi Perp.
  • How the Ponzi Perp will likely approach you and abuse your trust in marketing the investment program to you.
  • What legal liability you may face based on what you knew and when you knew it. (Did you bury your head in the sand?)
  • How your investment profile may be putting you at risk.
  • The agencies and websites to consult for your investigation before you invest.

Published by IRR Publishing
Cover art by Rolf Rinklin, www.formgeber.de

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